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Administration of MedicationAdministration of Medication

This course covers how to administer medication safely

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9,122 views 76 bookmarks1 Credit
Administration of Medication PracticalAdministration of Medication Practical

This course will train candidates to prompt, assist and administer medication

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5,231 views 23 bookmarks20 Credits
Advanced DiabetesAdvanced Diabetes


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89 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Advanced Medication PracticalAdvanced Medication Practical

Advanced Medication Practical

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599 views 4 bookmarks0 Credits

Autism Awareness

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3,299 views 19 bookmarks0 Credits
Basic Life Support PracticalBasic Life Support Practical

The course aims to enable candidates to take charge of the situation when a person is injured or...

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4,956 views 20 bookmarks20 Credits
Bowel Management PracticalBowel Management Practical

Bowel Management

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1,519 views 9 bookmarks0 Credits
Catheter Care AwarenessCatheter Care Awareness

Catheter Care

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2,473 views 7 bookmarks1 Credit

To understand how to communicate efficiently in the workplace

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4,409 views 20 bookmarks1 Credit
Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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1,468 views 3 bookmarks0 Credits
Dementia AwarenessDementia Awareness

To have an awareness of Dementia

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4,610 views 31 bookmarks1 Credit
Diabetes AwarenessDiabetes Awareness

To have an awareness of Diabetes

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4,284 views 23 bookmarks1 Credit
Duty of CareDuty of Care

To understand how Duty of Care affects you

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3,374 views 16 bookmarks1 Credit
Dysphagia Awareness and SupportDysphagia Awareness and Support


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206 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Emergency First Aid at Work PracticalEmergency First Aid at Work Practical

3 year full day course

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502 views 2 bookmarks0 Credits
Emergency First Aid/Basic Life SupportEmergency First Aid/Basic Life Support

To understand the roles and responsibilities of First Aid and Basic Life Support

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5,702 views 39 bookmarks2 Credits
Epilepsy & Buccal Midazolam PracticalEpilepsy & Buccal Midazolam Practical

This practical course teaches how to administer buccal midazolam.

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1,528 views 9 bookmarks30 Credits
Epilepsy AwarenessEpilepsy Awareness

To have an awareness of Epilepsy

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3,314 views 21 bookmarks1 Credit
Epilepsy Awareness NEWEpilepsy Awareness NEW

To have an awareness of Epilepsy

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1,950 views 12 bookmarks1 Credit
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity

An elearning course covering equality and diversity.

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3,373 views 15 bookmarks1 Credit
Fire, Health and SafetyFire, Health and Safety

To understand the importance of Fire, Health and Safety

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4,899 views 31 bookmarks1 Credit
Fluids and NutritionFluids and Nutrition

To understand the importance of Fluids and Nutrition

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3,528 views 23 bookmarks1 Credit
Food HygieneFood Hygiene

This course covers the basic principles of food safety and food hygiene

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3,701 views 21 bookmarks1 Credit
GDPR - CarerGDPR - Carer

To have an understanding of General Data Protection Regulation

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5,193 views 16 bookmarks1 Credit
Handling Information & Record KeepingHandling Information & Record Keeping

How to Handle Information in the workplace

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3,187 views 12 bookmarks1 Credit
Infection Prevention and ControlInfection Prevention and Control

The importance of Infection Prevention and Control

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3,473 views 19 bookmarks1 Credit
Manual HandlingManual Handling

To have an understanding and awareness of Manual Handling

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5,577 views 27 bookmarks2 Credits
Manual Handling Full Day PracticalManual Handling Full Day Practical

3 year full day course

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441 views 1 bookmark0 Credits
Manual Handling Refresher PracticalManual Handling Refresher Practical

Practical training for manual handling

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3,328 views 9 bookmarks20 Credits
Mental Capacity ActMental Capacity Act

To have an understanding of the Mental Capacity Act

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4,649 views 23 bookmarks1 Credit
Mental Health, Dementia and Learning DisabilitiesMental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

To understand the importance of mental health and other conditions

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2,906 views 13 bookmarks1 Credit
Oliver McGowan TrainingOliver McGowan Training

NHS Oliver McGowan eLearning Training

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631 views 10 bookmarks0 Credits
Oral HealthOral Health

Understand the importance of oral health and the potential effect on their general health,...

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2,491 views 17 bookmarks1 Credit
Palliative Care and End of Life CarePalliative Care and End of Life Care

Palliative Care and end of life care

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45 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Peg Feeding and Oral Suctioning PracticalPeg Feeding and Oral Suctioning Practical

Peg Care and Administration

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1,155 views 6 bookmarks0 Credits
Person Centred CarePerson Centred Care

To understand how to work in a person centred way

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2,733 views 12 bookmarks1 Credit
Positive Behavioural SupportPositive Behavioural Support

Learn and understand what Positive Behavioural Support is.

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2,955 views 18 bookmarks1 Credit
Preventing RadicalisationPreventing Radicalisation

Prevent Training

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708 views 2 bookmarks0 Credits
Privacy and DignityPrivacy and Dignity

To understand Privacy and Dignity in a care setting.

All Skill Levels
2,936 views 12 bookmarks1 Credit
Safeguarding AdultsSafeguarding Adults

To understand the importance of Safeguarding Adults

All Skill Levels
5,333 views 27 bookmarks2 Credits
Safeguarding ChildrenSafeguarding Children

To understand the importance of Safeguarding Children.

All Skill Levels
4,293 views 17 bookmarks1 Credit
Stroke AwarenessStroke Awareness

This is a general course on stroke awareness

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30 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
The Care Act 2014The Care Act 2014

An Introduction To The Care Act 2014

All Skill Levels
41 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Tissue ViabilityTissue Viability

Tissue Viability

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44 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Understanding you Role, Personal Development & Duty of CareUnderstanding you Role, Personal Development & Duty of Care

Understand Your Role, Your Personal Development, Duty of Care

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729 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Understanding your RoleUnderstanding your Role

Understanding your role within the workplace

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2,318 views 10 bookmarks1 Credit
Working in a person centred wayWorking in a person centred way

Working in a person centred way

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37 views 0 bookmarks0 Credits
Your Personal DevelopmentYour Personal Development

How to use personal development plans to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding.

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2,424 views 8 bookmarks1 Credit