Administration of Medication Practical

Administration of Medication Practical
ENS Training
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About this course

There are three levels to giving medication: 

Level 1 - prompting and assisting 

Level 2 - administering 

Level 3 - administering in specialist areas after receiving further training 

Candidates will understand the differences between prompting, assisting and administering. By the end of the course they will have reached level 2 and will have covered all of the following: 

  • Consent Drug formulation and routes of administration 
  • Contra-indications 
  • Covert medication 
  • Medication errors 
  • Management of medications 
  • Application of medicines 
  • Medication labelling 
  • The five rights 
  • Homely remedies 
  • Reporting and recording procedures 


There is a questionnaire at the end of the course and only candidates who attain the required pass mark will receive certification.