Manual Handling

Manual Handling
ENS Training
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About this course

This eLearning course has 7 sections:

  • Legislation and Best Practice
  • Definition of Manual Handling
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Spine
  • Injuries
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safer People Handling
  • Accidents and Incidents

On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand what is meant by Manual Handling and Safe Moving and Positioning of People
  • Understand how legislation and best practice guidance is put into context through organisational policies and procedures
  • Have a better understanding of how the spine works and the importance of good posture
  • Understand the principles of Good Base Movement
  • Understand the importance of Risk Assessment
  • Know how to report an accident or incident
  • Be aware of the equipment that will help in the safe moving and positioning of people