Epilepsy Awareness NEW

Epilepsy Awareness NEW
ENS Training
All Skill Levels
4m 30s

About this course

This E-Learning course has 6 sections:

  • Defining Epilepsy
  • Types of Seizure
  • Warning Signs and Triggers
  • Management of Epilepsy
  • First Aid for Epilepsy
  • Record Keeping


On completion of the course you will:

  • Have an understanding of Epilepsy
  • Better understand the different types of seizures and how they are classified
  • Have a basic understanding of the brain and its various functions
  • Be aware ofthe common warning signs of a seizure
  • Be aware of the different options for managing Epilepsy
  • Know what the term 'status epilepticus' means
  • Be able to respond safely to someone having a seizure
  • Understand the importance of accurate record keeping